Get Husband Wife Back Wazifa And Amal

Wazifa for vashikaran is Muslim or Islamic method to get husband wife back at home or make in control by dua wajifa for vashikaran. Gurumata maya gives advise and dua, wazifa for husband and wife vashikaran. if you having any problem in married life or your husband or wife is against you or trying to end the marriage or asking for divorce so by wazifa, dua and talisman for vashikaran you can control her thoughts against you and make in favor. Today in modern culture we do not give importance to matching and chart report before marriage and due to planet and different chart which represent dosh or indicates break up or divorce in chart that always require healing and remedies to get a happy married life in modern generation people should always give respect to matching report and chart by consulting a genuine astrologer to know compatibility and future of the marriage and if they found any dosh or problem so it should be cured under supervision of any good astrologer for a happy and successful marriage. Here i am writing a very easy dua for married couple and thankful to gurumata maya ji to give it for helping people. At friday night you should do this dua after namaaj or evening seat into room and take some perfumed oil (chameli oil) and speak the dua which written below and leave breath each time over oil and after energizing it by speaking chant 108 time rub that oil over head of your wife or husband as massage at same night and do it continue till 11 friday after 4 times your husband or wife start becoming in favor and behave polite with you. For this remedy you should always do namaaj and keep strong faith in Allah and dua and never keep any negative thoughts for wife or husband.