Tantra badha nivaran mantra works in that conditions or situaitons when you having problem since long time without having any reason but sometime we diagnose the tantra badha problem by mistake and do lot of remedies to get cure but that never work because the main reason is behind that, if you having any kind of problem in life or suffering due to financial problem, long term health issues or having family trouble so it does not mean it is tantra badha only, there are many different and serious problem comes in life due to our major transit of planets or horoscope, mahadasa of any inauspicious planet which turn your life into hell. If you really want to check for tantra badha so from horoscope you should begin. See your own horoscope or find a real and knowledgeable astrologer to check horoscope deeply, if horoscope having any reason so fix it by remedies or shanti pooja or use gem therapy as per advice of your astrologer. Just wait till a month when doing remedies to see changes if changes do not come so it means you really have some kind of tantra badha which require removing through mantra and tantra vidya prayog. Generally if rahu placed in any inauspicious house of horoscope and also having rahu mahadasa so you have chances so get effected by tantra mantra badha, enemy trouble and evil spirit problems. Saturn mahadasa also create many serious conditions in life and influence you which looks similar as you have tantra badha or evil spirit problem but it seen in many cases by mataji when people do remedies and mantra, gem stones remedies for saturn and rahu they start getting benefit by it. If you have serious financial problem which arisen instant and you are loosing money or you have any serious health issue or have family trouble or trapped into legal matter by enemies and you are stressed because of it and want solution so you can contact maataji for the solution. She gives solution for all kind of tantra badha nivaran and remove the evil spirit by spiritual cleansing spells. For tantra badha nivaran mantra you can do some very powerful strotra and kawach daily which heals all kind of evil spirit curse and heal the tantra badha which over someone.

Tantra badha nivaran sadhna you can start from any amvasya night (full dark moon night) take bath and wear black cloth, use black cloth to seat and face east direction, if possible do this powerful tantra badha nivaran mantra prayog at that place, where you feel maximum negative energy. Light 4 mustard oil lamp at all four corners of the room and light a big sized mustard oil lamp at front of you and after that do your guru dhyan, pray to your guru or mentor to protect you and to give you success into tantra badha nivaran sadhna. After that using black hakik rosary you can start doing mantra. Do 2021 chants and after mantra jap wear the rosary in neck. When you go toilet or you are not pure, hang the rosary somewhere safe. Do and repeat the sadhna procedure daily and regularly and if your tantra badha problem or evil spirit problem is so powerful so may be you can feel some problem to do the sadhna in beginning but if you do not stop and do regularly so you will start feeling changes. It is a simple and easy but very effective tantra badha nivaran mantra prayog which works fast over everyone and in all serious conditions when you are hopeless.

Tantra Badha Niwaran Mantra

Tantra badha niwaran banglamukhi kawach is very effective to heal any kind of tantra badha and also the enemy trouble. For tantra badha nivaran mantra you can use banglamukhi kawach to heal any kind of tantra badha or enemy trouble or evil spirit problem. Some rules are attached with the banglamukhi kawach like if someone wear the banglamukhi kawach for evil spirit problem or banglamukhi kawach amulet to remove tantra badha so he has to follow strict bramhcharya rules which means if you are wearing the amulet for protection from tantra badha and evil spirit attack so you cannot make physical relation with wife, if wife or husband makes relation so before that you have to remove the amulet from body and hang it somewhere else, after relation, take bath again and speak gaytri mantra 108 times in worship room and than wash the amulet and wear it. You cannot eat non veg, alcohol or egg and have to become vegi permanent. If after wearing banglamukhi kawach amulet for evil spirit attack protection so he can never face any kind of problem related to tantra mantra or black magic, evil spirit can never problem you but as today maximum people are crazy about non veg alcohol and egg so only a spiritual and tough minded person can wear it who can follow the rules and regulations for safety. Banglamukhi kawach amulet also having a extra benefit, enemy cannot defeat you in any case. If you are wearing the amulet by following rules so your enemies cannot harm or defeat you by any way and they automatic become destroyed by banglamukhi kawach shakti.

||हूं हूं अघोरेश्वराय तंत्र बाधा नाशय नाशय हूं हूं फट||


Tantra Badha Nivaran Baglamukhi Kawach

Tantra Badha Nivaran Sadhna