|| Aajibo Ya Estrafeel Bahakk Ya Alif Ya Alla Ho ||

This dua for evil protection can protect your house from all kind of evil spirit and misfortune if you daily do it at night after dinner before sleeping. If all family member speak the dua to get protection from evil and ghost spirit 51 times before sleep so ultimate protection you gain which make you safe everywhere in every condition. For this dua first from any friday late night you should speak this dua 2900 times and after ending namaaj is very important at early morning. After it daily speak this dua 221 times before sleep and request all family members to do same before sleep. By this dua and grace of god your family and house will be protected.Gurumata maya is tantra badha and black magic healing and removing specialist and you can get personal advice from her using email or phone also.

If you want dua or amal to get your self respect back in society or in life so this is the best way which can give your respect back. From any friday night you should start this dua in any area from where moon is visible around you. Seat on woolen cloth and keep direction at west and do this dua 2200 times and do same till 25 days and after changes 111 times every night before sleep.Sometimes we need something as prayer when we loose our respect in the eyes of our close relative and feel sad so in that kind of problem this powerful and strong working dua can help you to get respect back.

|| Ya Dauraail Bahakk Ya Hay Ya Dadiyo ||

Dua or amal to fulfill desire can make your wish come true. If you have any wish which not getting become true after lot of hard work and efforts so this dua can help to make changes and to make your wish granted soon. From any friday morning you should do this dua 2211 times after namaaj and repeat same thing till a month at every morning. Your obstacles will be removed and wish will be done soon. I am writing 3 different dua which can be used with same way. You should choose any one dua for your wish.

|| Ya Kilkaail Bahakk Yazim Ya Javvadi ||

|| Ya Hamvakeel Bahakk Ya Seen Ya Sameeo ||

|| Ya Raftamaail Bahakk Ya Vaav Ya Bahavo ||

Dua For Evil Protection

Dua for money problem and wealth is a very powerful prayer in islam which opens the blocked door of incomes and give wealth. If you are suffering from money cresis and after lot of hard work not earning well so you should do this dua to have money and wealth which gives you success in earning and money saving and end the money problem also. If you want customized dua and amulet for money problem so you can contact maataji to have solution. She gives manual hand made amulet and pendent for money problem and income

Dua To Get Respect Back

This dua or amal for job and interviews which should be used by those people who really believer of muslim religion and follow all rules and regulations which described into muslim scripture. After every namaaj which you do daily in masjid after your namaaj you should do this amal at same place by seating anywhere at the place with very innocent request to get work and job soon to survive and live in the world and to eat and live happy after dua you should request again to Allah for making your wishes granted soon. Daily you repeat the same till a month and also try hard to find work so success will be there so soon.

Powerful Dua For Education

​Dua And Amal For Job And Interviews

​Dua For Money Problem

Powerful dua for education helps if you are student and want to study so high but due to some problem getting failure and problem in learning and educations so this dua can help you. At early morning after namaaj you should wash your hands, face and legs before speaking dua,  come back at the place where you study and speak this dua 2222 times and request to give you success in education and learning and grant success to go so high soon. By this dua your obstacles and problem will end soon and you will be better in education and study and become successful in exams. Gurumata maya gives advice and help assistance for all kind of educational problem. If you have any problem into your education or learning so you can consult for solution.

|| Ajibo Ya Zibraail Bahakk Ya Vasito ||

|| Ya iIraail Bahakk Ya Tay Ya Tavkavo ||

Dua Amal To Fulfill Any Desire

|| Ya Hutjaail Bahakk Ya Gaaf Ya Gafiyo ||